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December 2014


Whatever one does in life, it is likely to be more successful, if it is planned well in advance and then delivered effectively, in accordance with that plan. Starting a business is no different. Many of those who propose to start their own business are intimidated by the idea of a Business Plan, and yet anyone who is serious about it will already have the bones of such a plan …Read More

#FermanaghHour takes Twitter by storm with almost 1.7 million potential views

The Twitter network #FermanaghHour has been active for a week, and the hashtag has already been potentially viewed almost 1.7 million times, reaching a potential 400,000 different people – more than six times the population of the entire county! The official launch of #FermanaghHour took place on Wednesday 3rd December in four venues across the county and the concept was embraced by Fermanagh businesses, who showed they’ve got what it …Read More

Rural Development Programme 2014:2020 – Local Action Groups

People in rural Fermanagh and Tyrone are being encouraged to participate in the new Local Action Groups which are being formed to deliver £70 million of grant aid to rural initiatives. Under the Northern Ireland Rural Development Programme 2014:2020 the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development has earmarked £70 million to assist with the improvement of the local rural economy, job creation and tackling poverty. For this to be truly …Read More

44 Fermanagh Businesses Recognised For Excellence in Customer Service

Forty four Fermanagh businesses have become WorldHost Recognised for their excellence in customer service.  They have all trained at least 50 percent of their front line staff using the WorldHost customer service training programme, and signed a declaration that promises they will deliver excellent service. WorldHost Recognition is a nationally-recognised badge of excellence for customer service and is building a definitive list of businesses and destinations that offer a world-class experience – With …Read More