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October 2014

Make Informed Business Decisions

Which markets best fit your business? What are your competitors up to? When is a market ripe for growth? Where will you get the best return? Who could be your strategic partner?  Your business can now seek out the answers to these sorts of questions with the help of the First Stop Shop. Invest NI have brought their Business Information Clinic to Enniskillen and you can book an appointment to …Read More

Employer Subsidies & Grants available with the Youth Employment Scheme

Does your business have the potential to take on a younger person, give them work experience or even a job? Then the Youth Employment Scheme may be able to help. The Youth Employment is aimed at unemployed people aged between 18 and 24 years,  designed to help them gain employability skills, obtain qualifications and secure employment. In return your business could get: £250 grant, payable to employer for a programme lasting …Read More

“Employer Support Programme” helps get your Business I.T working for you!

The Innovateus College Employer Support Programme provides innovation and Research & Development support for small and microbusiness right here in Fermanagh through South West College. The Employer Support Programme helps Fermanagh businesses improve their levels of company creativity and business growth through new and improved product and process development.  The programme helps develop a new modern economic development infrastructure which brings together industry and academia into a structured working environment. The programme focussed on development …Read More

How do you make online marketing work for your business?

First Stop Shop will be running two workshops in November to help Fermanagh businesses seek an answer this question and provide a greater understanding of online marketing. Digital marketing challenges Digital marketing has revolutionised marketing in the past decade. It has presented lots of opportunities for marketers but with every opportunity also comes a challenge. Some of those challenges include the speed at which technology is changing, new emerging social …Read More


Everyone in Fermanagh, who has been selling into the Republic, or anywhere else in the European Union, will have noticed that their Euro sales have recently been converting into fewer Pounds Sterling; the same applies, but to an even greater extent, with sales made in US Dollars.  So what is happening to produce these results. Firstly, the economic news from Euro-Land has not been good and currency values reflect economic …Read More

RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise grant funding!

Does your organisation have ideas, programmes or projects that will help potential women entrepreneurs? The RBS Inspiring Women in Enterprise grant funding programme is currently open for applications. This programme helps by providing funding for not-for-profit organisations that encourage and support women to consider a career in enterprise. Funding up to £50,000 is available, and this will be awarded to organisations who demonstrate that they can run programmes that will …Read More

New Seed & Early Stage Investment Funding with “techstart NI”

Established by Invest Northern Ireland as part of its Access to Finance strategy, techstart NI is providing support for early stage technology businesses and university spin-outs. The £23.6million initiative is made up of a £13million SME equity fund, two university funds of £1.5million each, and a proof of concept grant fund of £7.6million. The new suite of funding will operate for 10 years and will be managed on a wholly …Read More

Want to win £10,000 for your business idea?

This is your chance to win £10,000 for your business. If you’ve got a fresh, unique, and innovative business (or even just a great idea) then this is the competition for you! It is open to current students at a UK college or university, or those who graduated anytime after 2009. Entry is easy! Simply upload a 60 second video to Youtube of you pitching your idea and then fill …Read More


INTEREST RATES – THE MPC’S IMPLICATIONS FOR NORTHERN IRELAND Apart from various local events, the economy of Northern Ireland and of Fermanagh specifically, is significantly influenced by policy decisions taken at other levels. In many instances, such decisions have a greater impact than anything decided locally. Decisions of that nature include, in particular, the decisions on interest rates taken monthly by the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (the MPC). …Read More